International Literature Festival Berlin
Attention! Hope!
Long before they were carved on stone tablets, written on paper or printed, stories were shared around campfires, spreading their wings to circle the world. Like fire, the human spirit holds both hope and danger. 
Allegorical images are combinations of associative symbols that convey complex ideas and concepts in a concise and accessible way. We recognise warning symbols without words. Caution! Flammable! Obvious at first glance, paper burns. At second glance, it also means that the contents of a book can cause fires. Do we see the phoenix rising, the fireproof bird of enlightenment, or is peace even in danger? 
Literature can darken our minds, but it can also enlighten, enchant and give hope. Books are transformative, full of complexity, new horizons and perspectives. Their ideas contain unimagined energies that inspire thinkers and fantasists to shape our society and history.

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