Partisan Vodka Green
100% Organic, 100% Made in Germany, and the newest addition to the Partisan spirit family! We were honored to create this design together with Partisan Vodka!

The design concept is hyper-focused to create an unusually bold appearance. Only the front of the bottle is labeled, and the larger of the two areas transports the logo and the pattern alone. The smaller of the labels houses all relevant data. This separation and visual prioritization underlines the puristic partisan ethos and design. The reverse side of the labels are printed to be visible from the back, through the vodka. The claim "Spirit of a green future" stands for both the product and a sustainable mindset. The type is refracted in unique ways when seen through the vodka inside the bottle, which subtly transports the stimulating properties of the product, while generating a very playful and animated involvement with the bottle. 

The geometric, progressive Partisan brand-pattern creates both a strong focus on the logo, as well as a highly eye-catching effect in general. The pattern creates a dynamic and shimmering impression, which again plays with the mind-altering quality of vodka. As an animation this effect is further increased and looped for an improved digital appeal!

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