20. Schillertage 2019
How would Schiller think about todays' world – With his profound drive towards reason, enlightenment, culture and nature? To what extend, in the sense of the Enlightenment, have we evolved since his works about the aesthetic education?

Where does aesthetic take place today? It happens online, within a realm of multi-channel media. In line with this raging and mostly superficial content, lies the imagery: stock images are the cliché and fodder of our overstimulated society.
Another central point in Schiller's work on aesthetic education is the fact, that humans play games. And when playing with these images, by placing them in high-contrast compositions, both contextually and formally, resulting in a fresh visual language that both counteracts the images triviality, thus, placing them on an enlightening pedestal … very much in the spirit of Schiller!

keep gggoing:

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